Friday, 31 December 2010

End of an era...2010

Well its new years eve...and I is still alive...just!!! Been a tough last few months for me...
Lets hope 2011 a better year for me.
2010 lost my old mate Blackie but got new mate he is using my bum as a pillow...
Its Issac's birthday on 2nd January 2011....he'll be 6mths old...catching 13 year old me up!!! Hee hee.

Well to end the year on a cheery note mum got an app for her phone which does comic strips...hes a few she did earlier

Happy New Year to all lets hope I make it to the next one...If not don't worry Issac will keep the blog going.....

Friday, 24 December 2010


So this is our first christmas without my mate Blackie who passed away in september. He was 15 and half so not a bad age,...

So this year will be my first..of hopefully many with Issac a 5mth old mini me...

So mum been getting us lots of goodies...2 of everything because we only moan if not got the same..woof woof.
So heres to my first christmas with the new puppy....hope its not my last as I have had alot of blips this year.
2011 better be good and the only trip I want to the vet is for my booster vacination.
To all my furfriends have a great christmas.......the drinks are on Issac...BOL.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Well I seem to be on the mend...again!!!, dont know how many times I can put up with being sick!!! full of blips but I seem to get more than most.
So snow still here slippy under foot..compacted snow...I not a big fan as its too cold on my feet...brrrr
Issac the puppy likes to play in it....

Heres few of our snow pics....

Issac loves and my grumpy face..hee hee.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Mini Setback

Well I had an off day on Wednesday...I was being sick...threw up alot of bile....bleurgh!!!.
I was looking really rough......mum was very rang up the vet!!! Arghhh.
After mum checking my eyes they were racing again so it seems i have had another mini stroke!!!

So me playing with puppy has made me have this blip...BAD PUPPY.. hee hee only joking!!
I have had a bit of chicken on Thursday which I have kept down...and am resting for a while...take it easy the vet said. So napping most of the time keeping one eye open to check what Issac the puppy up to...

Anyway I'm in the best place as mum looking after me and spoiling me too... oh yes and a couple of furfriends keeping eye on me too!!

Just for people who want to see he is asleep with tongue out...hee hee
I will show this to his children in years to come.....

Saturday, 11 December 2010

The Puppy

Well mum decided to adopt the puppy her friend couldnt cope with , so on Wednesday 8th December I awaited the youngsters arrival.....4pm to be precise!!!.
His is 5mth old border terrier called Issac, we first thought Gordon but Gordon was the one he kept so we got Issac.
This pic is me first meeting him....
I accepted him pretty much straight away, no growling no nothing...happy times for me and mum.
He has taken to following me around so I going to teach him that its my way or the highway, hee hee.
This is him doing his puppy poses for the camera....

Like i said he follows me everywhere, even to sleep...

He has had a couple of mishaps in the house with toilet training but that will soon be sorted, we've all been there done that.
Today we going to the park to do some basic lead training and off lead playing. balls..
Mum doesnt think Issac has had much training but with her and mine expertise Issac will be to my top standards in no time, to blow my own trumpet.
Keep posted for puppy adventures.....

One last thing...ME is my blog after all, heres pic of me with puppys new ball i took a liking too...mine now WOOF WOOF

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Let It Snow

Not keen on the snow mainly because if someones going to slip and hurt themselves its my mum!!!!
If she fell and hurt herself  I wouldnt get my walks, so snow a no no in this house woof woof.
Anyway it snowed last night so this morning we ventured out, me all confident on 4 paws mum walking on 2 feet gingerly like she had pooed her pants!!! BOL
Heres a few pics from my walk......

Thursday, 2 December 2010

No room at the Inn

Well tis the season to be jolly and all that...well!!!
Big News in Teddy camp......mum been offered a 16 week old border terrier puppy...male.
A young version of me?...I hope not!!!
No?... thats what I think...duh....whats a man to do?....

The facts are... a friend of mums got a puppy then decided to go back and get the litter mate too, truth is its become too much for him..2 pups , so knowing mum bit of an expert where dogs are concerned(she was a dog warden for quite some time) he asked her if she wanted him.

Now mum being mum is thinking long and hard about it. Firstly is I still recupperating after my stroke...getting better each day. Then two adult cats who take no messing, but very accustomed to dogs and their traits.

So after chatting with anipals on twitter is going to have a look at the dog..and see if I like him... as after all I in charge (whispers)...
A puppy may give me a new lease of life as I always been with other dogs and these last 2 months after losing my mate Blackie I not been happy on my own.

Whatever WE decide we will keep you posted.

Stay tuned....

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Cats and Dogs

Who said cats and dogs cant live happily together?...

This is Bella shes 19 now....she lived here before me as i'm only 13...I let her thinks shes boss (whispers) but really its me......woof woof

Saturday, 27 November 2010

weather warning

Well most of the uk has snow...severe weather warning..
The police say stay I need my walks, fresh air blowing through my ears...
Anyway in Wigan where i live there is no snow...hoorah!! I dont really like it as at my old age, and stiffness in my legs starting its too cold on my poor feet.
Mum seems obsessed with putting coats on me when we go out....errr mum i does have a fur coat already!!! duh...
Anyway to all my furfriends out there...stay safe in the snow....and if your humans slip and fall..try not to laugh
Woof Woof

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


So winter is upon us, temperatures have dipped this week and snow is due towards the end of the week...brrrr. So its time to get out the winter coats of which I have 3...woof woof.
On a lighter note...i am alot better, not being sick eatting well but probably not be able to chase my tennis balls again as this makes me dizzy, so i'l have to be content with popping them or walking round with it in my mouth...

Sunday, 21 November 2010

What a week!!

Well...where to start?...
Last weekend I had a bad time as I was being sick again!!...last visit to vet suggested could be more serious than my stroke I had... ie..brain tumour!!! Nooooo!!!
So tablets were suggested which open the blood vessels on side of my brain that has shut down due to my stroke. Hoorah me and mum thought...nope!
I threw up all 5 tabs i had had over 3 mum decided no more...i'd be better off without....or as best as can be due to my brain damage..
So good news no tabs and I not been sick ..all weekend!!!
As the saying goes "Mum knows best"

Monday, 15 November 2010

Bad week

Well it looks like i have taken a turn for the worse...friday I was sick and sunday threw up twice.
Mum tried me with some fresh chicken I had a bit in the morning but have eaten nothing since!!
I have been turning my nose up at food and sleeping more.
Was due at vet on monday but it was a vet thet mum didnt like so we going today at 5.20pm.
Possibly need blood tests as it could be my liver or kidneys..... duh!!
Paws Crossed x

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Saturday on the beach

As i was sick on friday night...twice!!! duh..i resigned myself to sulking on the settee.
So mum said i could go to the beach for some fresh air... hoorah
I didnt run around just walked with my ball as not allowed to get too giddy!!
Heres a few pics from my day out...

Friday, 12 November 2010

Born to be Wild

I said twitter was hot in the dog world, well thanks to my mate Tom i'm in a gang..
The Bad Boys Of Twitter
Tom the leader at the front.....yeee ha
And this is me on my wheels.....
Bbbbbbbbb bad!!! Bad to the bone.