Thursday, 16 December 2010

Mini Setback

Well I had an off day on Wednesday...I was being sick...threw up alot of bile....bleurgh!!!.
I was looking really rough......mum was very rang up the vet!!! Arghhh.
After mum checking my eyes they were racing again so it seems i have had another mini stroke!!!

So me playing with puppy has made me have this blip...BAD PUPPY.. hee hee only joking!!
I have had a bit of chicken on Thursday which I have kept down...and am resting for a while...take it easy the vet said. So napping most of the time keeping one eye open to check what Issac the puppy up to...

Anyway I'm in the best place as mum looking after me and spoiling me too... oh yes and a couple of furfriends keeping eye on me too!!

Just for people who want to see he is asleep with tongue out...hee hee
I will show this to his children in years to come.....


  1. I ope you is feelin better Ted and I say to Isaac that he mussnt tire out his dear old bruvver.

  2. Oh, Ted...Iz sorry to hear 'bout your sickies. I do hope you feel better soon. I am glad you have so many furiends & family to look after you!