Friday, 31 December 2010

End of an era...2010

Well its new years eve...and I is still alive...just!!! Been a tough last few months for me...
Lets hope 2011 a better year for me.
2010 lost my old mate Blackie but got new mate he is using my bum as a pillow...
Its Issac's birthday on 2nd January 2011....he'll be 6mths old...catching 13 year old me up!!! Hee hee.

Well to end the year on a cheery note mum got an app for her phone which does comic strips...hes a few she did earlier

Happy New Year to all lets hope I make it to the next one...If not don't worry Issac will keep the blog going.....


  1. Sure has been a full year for you, Ted. I joined twitter in September; unfortunately not in time to meet Blackie. But I'm so pleased I met you and, now, Issac *hugs* Hope you have a wonderful 2011 Ted and we'll see 2012 in together mate!

  2. Oh, Ted...I do hope that 2011 will be a healthier one for you! *Cairn Cuddles*
    Your furiend, Oz xxxxx