Friday, 24 December 2010


So this is our first christmas without my mate Blackie who passed away in september. He was 15 and half so not a bad age,...

So this year will be my first..of hopefully many with Issac a 5mth old mini me...

So mum been getting us lots of goodies...2 of everything because we only moan if not got the same..woof woof.
So heres to my first christmas with the new puppy....hope its not my last as I have had alot of blips this year.
2011 better be good and the only trip I want to the vet is for my booster vacination.
To all my furfriends have a great christmas.......the drinks are on Issac...BOL.


  1. We hope you have a luffly Christmas too with your new furbro and lots more besides. Love AnnieB

  2. Appy crispmas my pals. We sure did like meetin you this year and we am sure we gonna have another great year of tweetin in 2011

  3. We so happy to meet you (& Issac) this year Ted - we intend spending many more years with you :o) xx