Sunday, 28 November 2010

Cats and Dogs

Who said cats and dogs cant live happily together?...

This is Bella shes 19 now....she lived here before me as i'm only 13...I let her thinks shes boss (whispers) but really its me......woof woof


  1. These are pictures That say a Million words of how "co-existing" with different pets, animals, & people can live in Harmony!

    but Secretly and I am a dog! I think Bella Loves Ted!!! She adores him, protects him and worries about him! That's Love Which makes The World go around in Peace, Love, Harmony!
    xxx Gracie

  2. I can see you both have grown to love each other through the years! It must be wonderful to have a 'best friend' to share a cozy spot with!
    xxx Oz

  3. Me....I say it.....I dussnt get on wiv cats cos there is one next door who sit on the shed and try and boss me. Grrrrr