Saturday, 11 December 2010

The Puppy

Well mum decided to adopt the puppy her friend couldnt cope with , so on Wednesday 8th December I awaited the youngsters arrival.....4pm to be precise!!!.
His is 5mth old border terrier called Issac, we first thought Gordon but Gordon was the one he kept so we got Issac.
This pic is me first meeting him....
I accepted him pretty much straight away, no growling no nothing...happy times for me and mum.
He has taken to following me around so I going to teach him that its my way or the highway, hee hee.
This is him doing his puppy poses for the camera....

Like i said he follows me everywhere, even to sleep...

He has had a couple of mishaps in the house with toilet training but that will soon be sorted, we've all been there done that.
Today we going to the park to do some basic lead training and off lead playing. balls..
Mum doesnt think Issac has had much training but with her and mine expertise Issac will be to my top standards in no time, to blow my own trumpet.
Keep posted for puppy adventures.....

One last thing...ME is my blog after all, heres pic of me with puppys new ball i took a liking too...mine now WOOF WOOF

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  1. So happy you have accepted your new brother, Ted *shakes paws* He's a cutie