Sunday, 21 November 2010

What a week!!

Well...where to start?...
Last weekend I had a bad time as I was being sick again!!...last visit to vet suggested could be more serious than my stroke I had... ie..brain tumour!!! Nooooo!!!
So tablets were suggested which open the blood vessels on side of my brain that has shut down due to my stroke. Hoorah me and mum thought...nope!
I threw up all 5 tabs i had had over 3 mum decided no more...i'd be better off without....or as best as can be due to my brain damage..
So good news no tabs and I not been sick ..all weekend!!!
As the saying goes "Mum knows best"


  1. Be well mate, arrroooos!

    RA & Isis

  2. You is brave my pal and I is glad you dussnt be sick no more.

  3. Ma's are great for taking good care of us! You are lucky to have a wonderful Ma. Stay well, furiend!

  4. We be pleased you feeling better, my buddy :o)