Monday, 28 March 2011

Our friend Max

This blog post is dedicated to our friend Max
At 10.20 pm on Sunday 27th March he lost his battle with cancer.

Mum is very good friends with his mum Sandy and hopes with the help of her furbabys, Gracie , Molly and Harley she will get through this difficult time.

Its always sad when an animal dies but more so when its a friend too.

We'd like to say to Max be happy now you no longer in pain and keep watchful eye on the rest of us.
Raise a thought for Max...
To all who follow my blog, live life to the full as you never know when its  your time to go to rainbow bridge.

Max is always in our prayers x

Monday, 14 March 2011


Well sunday night I pooed in the house, which I never do and there was a bit of blood in it.
Mum was concerned and rang vets who said keep eye on me. Mum did this a bit too much and kept staring at me...BOL
All was well on our morning walk, but later that morning I threw up some food...mum hadnt changed my diet or anything so we assumed I have got too giddy again, which makes me be sick from time to time...Issac is a good pup and knows to leave me alone when I been sick he lies at side of me , all concerned.

No more blood in poo so that was good news.

Eating my food ok but this morning (Monday) I had been sick again in the night...

Old age isnt all its cracked up to be , I'm certainly not having the retirement I had planned.
So I been looking a bit rough lately...
So all I have to say is enjoy the time you have and live life to the full, I know my life has not long left but Mum makes sure its a well loved one.
Keep posted to my blog...its one rollercoaster