Saturday, 30 October 2010


As you can see.....I'm not happy!!!


Well after my blip yesterday being sick I have not had much to eat and have turned my nose up at anything offered...
Well mum not daft I knew she was up to something!!!
Invited Kip the cat along to my meal time!!!
Er mum I DONT THINK SO!!!!

A compromise was reached...the cat was allowed to lick the spoon..
I ate all my tea..hoorah...hope not sick now after all that!!!!


After being sick last night I even turned my nose up at my morning milk!!!
Arghhhh...going to die?...
So mum thought bit of fresh air may perk me up so we been for a "stroll".

Got to the field and I had a mooch....
As not allowed to over do it when playing I just been carrying my tennis ball, but today mum thought let me have a play?...
So threw ball ..i ran after it but when picked up bit wobbly on my back to carrying it for a while longer....
Resting today so beach on hold til tommorow now...yippee

Friday, 29 October 2010


Just when I thought I was out of the woods....
Had chicken for my tea...yummy you think? me too!!
Not 5 minutes later threw it up!!...DUH!!
Mum has to keep an eye over me in case i do it again....hope not as the vet said more serious if I keep being brain tumour!!
So friday night and feeling sorry for myself i'm going back to sleep.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Thursdays are neither here nor there!!

Had my usual milk for brekkie...then had walk so i would poo!!...I did too ha ha.
Mum went to work so I played a bit with Bella and Kip the cats..(when i said played with I meant chased) but dont tell mum...grrrrr
Mum home for lunch gave me a bit of cheese on toast..I do struggle with toast after having 6 teeth out few weeks ago!!! but it was yummy.
And I went for another walk..
Mum home for the day now ..17.00 hours so had a stroke and cuddle then I bounced over to my food bowl, falling once in the process!!
Had stewed steak AGAIN!!!! bored of it now(whispering), but I have spied chicken in the fridge which will be mine as mum dont eat meat... so I hope its either snack time later or just wait til tommorow?
Time for a nap before my last walk of the day later on ,,,

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Old pics of meeeeee!!!

Some old pics mum found of me..before old age and grey hair took its toll,,,
The white dog mooching with me is Ollie, my old jack russell friend from years ago and picture of her pups.
Woof woof woof

Canine vestibular syndrome

On 18th October I had a funny turn, I was sick and then fell off the settee....ouch!!
The vets diagnosis was Canine Vestibular Syndrome....which means I feel sea sick and fall over.
I prob will never fully recover but I should be better in a few weeks.

I had a relaspe recently where i was sick but slowly i'm getting better.
One of the most noticeable changes in me is quite embarrassing really.....blushes.
I wont poo in the garden!!! I have to go out on lead and then I will do my stuff!!
Upside is I get 4 or 5 walks a day now!!

My mum is very patient with me and has even placed rugs all over the house so I dont slip when giddy and fall over.... hoorah.
Yawn...time for a nap now..Zzzzzzzz

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Happy Endings

Few weeks ago my mum was trying to find a new home for 9mth old staffordshire bull terrier dog.
His name Is Bruce and hes very lively and fun loving too. Woof woof.
The owners couldnt look after him and their 18mth old son. So mum jumped to the rescue and he is now living with a couple with 2 older children who she knows from their mutual love of  Wigan Rugby League.

Bruce went to his new home on sunday and has a huge garden to play in...good times ahead for young Bruce. Hoorah.

Tuesday Blues

Well its cold, wet and dark out there today and mum has to go to work. Me? oh yes I work I have to babysit the cats....I keep paid in treats. Woof woof.
A friend of mine had some bad news about her dog, I have sent my wishes by the power of twitter..its amazing what you can do these days..techno stuff. Paws crossed.
 My thoughts are with her today x
My clumsy mum(whispering) cut her finger opening me a tin of stewed steak which I gobbled up, she'll have to use other hand today to open my food...hee hee
Back to nap for a while...brrr its cold zzz

Monday, 25 October 2010

Day off

Hoorah..mums on holiday for the day to keep an eye on me?....
I was so giddy when she got up this morning I fell to the floor...OUCH!!
I didnt hurt myself thankfully...not in a rush to go vets again!!

Had some breakfast and kept it down, think I'm getting there slowly.
As you can see from pic my head tilts....
Been out for a short walk..its 3.2 degrees celcius out there!! BRRRRRR

Just going to have a power nap whilst mum nips to shops...treats for me I hope grrrrr

Sunday, 24 October 2010


So mum made me some meatloaf for my lunch it was very yummy....hope i can keep it down!!
Why is is after we eat all we want to do is sleep?
I'm hoping to go out for a mooch in a bit , nice and sunny here but cold!!
Good job I got fur coat woof. Mum seems happier now i'm keeping food down again, shes even got me new tennis balls even though I cant play too much as I cant be over doing it...


I do like to spend alot of my time these days sleeping....and I got a new bed from mum but its a competion with me and the cats to who gets it. Sometimes I share it with Bella but Kip never shares with me, between you and me Kip is a bit grumpy!!!
Sshh..think she heard me..
Shes behind me waiting for me to get up..shes in for a long wait as I am having a power nap......zzzzzzz


Bella waiting for me to come home from vets.
Well the diagnosis is I have Canine Vestibular Syndrome....I fall over when giddy and feel like sea sick. I should recover in a few weeks. I had an off day friday night was sick twice and sick during the mum very worried about me and all my furry friends who follow me on twitter.
Yesterday was a full day of me not being sick...hoorah , wags tail, falls over..
I have only been eating chicken but hoping for something more exotic later...yum yum

In the car

On my way home from vets....


One week ago I had my tea and then I was sick,,,bleurghhh all over the floor.When I got off the chair to clean it up before mum saw it I fell over.....didnt know where I was!!!?? Mum came running in from the kitchen..her eagle eyes spotted my sick but was more concerned about me in a heap(well i say heap but i'm only a small dog but heap sounds better) on the floor. I was so out of eyes were racing, like being sea was not pleasant viewing. Hence I was placed in the car, and for the first time ever I wasnt happy to be in the car as I was poorly....I knew there was only one place we were going and that was to the VETS!!!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

My life

My name is Ted and I am a 13year old border terrier. I share my house with Bella , a 19year old cat and Kip a 16 year old cat...oh yes and my mum.