Saturday, 28 May 2011

Our hols in the Lakes

After all the bad news we have had with being sick mum decided its off to the lake district we go.
So we set off for a mini holiday and well deserved rest for all of us. The weather forecast was rain but that didnt dampen our spirits!!.
This is where we were staying for 4 days....
As you can see ..very wet but it brightened up and this was where we had our daily walks 3 times a day.

I know what you thinking Ted looks agile but believe me after ten mins I was been carried back to the caravan hee hee.

At one point Issac lost his head!!!
Anyway we also visited 2 beaches..which Issac loved

If you wonder where I was on the beach pics, far too cold for me so I stayed in the car and had a good sleep as you can see from Issacs ears and the stormy sea...good decision on my part...brrrrr

So hope you enjoyed what may be my last holiday, if not we going to somerset in September hopefully I still here for that one too......Keep reading friends x

Friday, 27 May 2011

Vet update

First things first,....ME!!!!

Went to see Alex the vet and I am alot better not lost any weight so thats good. Tail was hanging higher and I didnt look as sad as I did last week.
Mum said no to more tabs which vet wasnt happy with but why take them when they make me throw up?!!!
I have to take each day as it comes and basically take it easy...I'm not as young as I think I am hee hee. So for the time being I'm hanging in there!!!

Now for Issac,.....Alex showed mum xrays.......he's got perfect hips and good muscle definition, quite impressive said the vet.....So pup is now walking around all pumped up and is head has gotten bigger ...BOL
He still has to have limited exercise...not go mad running round and if no improvement to go back in 6 weeks for another xray, we hope he doesnt need to go back.
So for once in our house some good news!!! Yeah result eh?...

Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Two Amigos

Well what a week!!!!!
Issac has at last had his xray to see why he limps from time to time......He was starved from 8pm the day before hee hee *whispers I got some treats though*. 
So we arrive at the vets at 8.30am prompt ready to see Chad the orthapedic vet and guess what..... he rang in sick!!!! Arghhh. So we still go ahead with having xray and vet called Gordon does it, Issac's brother called Gordon....coincidentally.
Mum left Issac there and came home to check on me.
Gordon the vet not  Gordon the dog phones mum at 12pm to let her know results......guess what he's got perfect hips and knees, so we still baffled to why he limps now and again, I think he's a bit "camp"...BOL.
We also think that his dad was jack russell as its common trait with that breed...hang on Issac shouting at me....Oops he said he is a proper Border Terrier hee hee

So anti inflammatories and painkillers for another week and check up again next friday.

Well now its about is my blog.
Thursday I have a turn for the worse and mum thought it was time for me to join the other dogs in doggie heaven....I just couldnt stand i was rushed to see the vet..Alex.
We all thought my time had come, dont worry guys we know it will be sooner rather than later and those who read my blog know i have alot of bad days..
Anyway just to embarrass mum I stood up in vets only briefly then fell over again, so we all decided to give me the weekend to see if i get better. I have painkillers which seem to be helping me but they give me runny bum...poo and stinky too.

I still wobbly on legs and need to be lifted on the settee but i'm hanging in there...we going to lake district on holiday  next week and I dont want to miss out on that, so paws crossed I survive a little longer, after all I am a fighter.

On a lighter note Issac been showing off his frog legs.....bad hips er i dont think so..
Our twitter friends can do this too..heres Bonnie the westie
And Molly the border...

Friday, 13 May 2011

Issac's Hips

Well we been to vets, mum said Issac no better but after a run round the vet Alex the vet thinks he's moving better.
Alex is flumaxed to how Issac can  stretch his hips showing no pain but doesnt like them to be touched.....we always knew Issac was peculiar...BOL.
Issac really doesnt like his hips being touched. He has another weeks worth of painkillers to take. 
So he is now booked in for appointment with orthapedic vet Chad on friday at 8.30am. He will have an xray and then decide what to do, he may decide to let him grow more and check in 6 weeks or may decide to do surgery to replace the ball joints of his hips.
This all depends on what xray shows , if nothing done when older he may not be able to walk.
Hopefully xray shows all clear and no operation required but deep down we are expecting the worse.
So looks like our holiday in the lakes the week after will have to be postponed, mum does sacrifice alot for us two, we are lucky to have her.
Keep you all posted.

Saturday, 7 May 2011


Well poor little pup Issac went to the vets yesterday. Makes a change it wasnt me going to vets....BOL.

He had been lifting his leg now and again I know what you thinking we all do that to have a wee hee hee but he lifts it after playing on field. Mum thought it was possibly floating knee so off to vets we go...
Issac not in any pain and doesnt yelp he just skips now and again with leg, hes ok walking on lead its when he chases ball on field.

So Alex the vet does some pressing and prodding makes mum run up and down street with Issac to see his legs moving, mum said its not Crufts you know hee hee.
Back inside the vet presses Issacs hips....all hell broke loose this clearly hurts Issac, poor pup.
So painkillers for one week...2 a day one hour before food, and strict rest....thats the hardest part as Issac does love to play....going to be one bad week in our house.
Back to vets on friday 4.50pm for check up, will probably be looking at Xray to see whats the damage and hopefully not but it may The vet did explain that surgery is the last thing they want to do but he may need it so he may get new hips.!!!
Its not the cost thats worrying mum (hes insured) its poor Issac suffering and the long recuperation period for such an active little dog. Mum would like to thank The Twiglets mum for her advice as Twiglet has been through similar prob with knees.
So no more playing with balls for Issac...thats means more for me....hee hee.

Only joking if he cant play then I hang on I cant anyway as it makes me sick.
I will look after him he can cuddle on the settee with me and Bella the cat.
Keep posted for updates...its going to be a bumpy ride.....