Sunday, 28 November 2010

Cats and Dogs

Who said cats and dogs cant live happily together?...

This is Bella shes 19 now....she lived here before me as i'm only 13...I let her thinks shes boss (whispers) but really its me......woof woof

Saturday, 27 November 2010

weather warning

Well most of the uk has snow...severe weather warning..
The police say stay I need my walks, fresh air blowing through my ears...
Anyway in Wigan where i live there is no snow...hoorah!! I dont really like it as at my old age, and stiffness in my legs starting its too cold on my poor feet.
Mum seems obsessed with putting coats on me when we go out....errr mum i does have a fur coat already!!! duh...
Anyway to all my furfriends out there...stay safe in the snow....and if your humans slip and fall..try not to laugh
Woof Woof

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


So winter is upon us, temperatures have dipped this week and snow is due towards the end of the week...brrrr. So its time to get out the winter coats of which I have 3...woof woof.
On a lighter note...i am alot better, not being sick eatting well but probably not be able to chase my tennis balls again as this makes me dizzy, so i'l have to be content with popping them or walking round with it in my mouth...

Sunday, 21 November 2010

What a week!!

Well...where to start?...
Last weekend I had a bad time as I was being sick again!!...last visit to vet suggested could be more serious than my stroke I had... ie..brain tumour!!! Nooooo!!!
So tablets were suggested which open the blood vessels on side of my brain that has shut down due to my stroke. Hoorah me and mum thought...nope!
I threw up all 5 tabs i had had over 3 mum decided no more...i'd be better off without....or as best as can be due to my brain damage..
So good news no tabs and I not been sick ..all weekend!!!
As the saying goes "Mum knows best"

Monday, 15 November 2010

Bad week

Well it looks like i have taken a turn for the worse...friday I was sick and sunday threw up twice.
Mum tried me with some fresh chicken I had a bit in the morning but have eaten nothing since!!
I have been turning my nose up at food and sleeping more.
Was due at vet on monday but it was a vet thet mum didnt like so we going today at 5.20pm.
Possibly need blood tests as it could be my liver or kidneys..... duh!!
Paws Crossed x

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Saturday on the beach

As i was sick on friday night...twice!!! duh..i resigned myself to sulking on the settee.
So mum said i could go to the beach for some fresh air... hoorah
I didnt run around just walked with my ball as not allowed to get too giddy!!
Heres a few pics from my day out...

Friday, 12 November 2010

Born to be Wild

I said twitter was hot in the dog world, well thanks to my mate Tom i'm in a gang..
The Bad Boys Of Twitter
Tom the leader at the front.....yeee ha
And this is me on my wheels.....
Bbbbbbbbb bad!!! Bad to the bone.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Thursday comes and goes

Well when they sent a dog into space did they ever think of the technology we would master?.
Twitter...a new revolution of dog tweeters...there are alot of us out there...
When I first went on twitter and reported I was going to the vets for a dental...a border terrier called Marley welcomed me to twitter...
Then another dog called Gracie was concerned about me after my dental as I did go downhill and gave me some good care and advice...and we been furfriends ever since..
A relative of hers Tom took a shine to me and has become a good friend too...
Bear Bear who is a mini celebrity too became my friend..
And Kye's owner has also taken a shine to little old me..He is showing off in his new coat!!
I love twitter its good to talk with other dog people and help out with problems etc..

Thers is a funny side too...
And some dogs find love this is Toms fiance Keely

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Wednesday woofs

Its a very cold morning here...brrr winter is upon us?
Forecast for rest of week is rain...mum coming down with something prob a cold...but still manages to go to work and get me out for walks. If she was a man he would be dying from flu.....
Me thinks may need one of coats today for at my age I need to keep warm.
This rug a bit too comfy ...mum i dont want to go out!!!

Monday, 8 November 2010


Well Monday was a wash out...never stopped raining had to take an umbrella when out on my toilet duties!!!
Weather calmed a bit today...and stopped raining for how long who knows...deffo not the weather people they always get it wrong!!
So i managed to get out and play with my ball...when play I mean run off with it....ITS MINE!!!!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Playing out

I love playing outside, but these days tends to be mooching round with my beloved tennis ball in my mouth...
I annoy my mum a bit with balls as I tend to pop them.....woof woof
These are some pics of where I spend my time outside

I love this place woof woof

Saturday, 6 November 2010


Heres some more cats that have been rescued by my mum, sadly all deceased now..
Above is Poppy or mad cat as she was known..
This Is Peter, Poppys sister...oringinally thought was a boy hence the name Peter, when went to be neutered realised it was a girl!!
This is Basil...he always sat like that!!!
Oscar..he was huge..proper monster cat!!
And finally Jasper....deaf boy.

they all lived to grand old ages...

Saturdays and lie ins

Well I was looking forward to the weekend like most....a lie in!!!
Oh no ..not here!!!
Mum up at 5.00am to watch England rugby league play Papa New Guinea!!
Jeez mum my eyes wont open!!!........
Even my snoring LOUDLY didnt deter her!
Arghhhh no dont turn the lights on!!!
After my eyes adjusted to daylight I settled on the settee to watch this so called "great" game..and guess what?..England won...hoorah
Final score 36 to 10 England win.
So now watching another game..couple of teams called Australia and New Zealand....not sure if they any good.

Friday, 5 November 2010


Mum has done for the day...hoorah
She off all weekend so hopefully we going to the beach at some point this weekend, it was put off last week due to weather being too yeuky but saying that the forecast not looking good for this weekend...its getting colder!!!
I remember sunbathing not long ago.....

bonfire night

Well its going to be a noisy 2nights....fireworks!!
Its never bothered mum always ignored it so we never got wound up.
To all of you out there BE SAFE!!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Threes a crowd?

As you all know by know my mate Bella the cat likes to sleep on top of me...
But we both miss Blackie ....
And who said 3's a crowd.....

Old family members

With remembrance sunday soon approaching I thought i'd remember some of my past family members..
This is Charlie the border collie he died 2009 aged 16
This is Blackie a lab cross he died sept 2010 aged 16 and 2mths
These 2 were both my good buddies...a proper gang
 This is Chantelle one of the feral cats mum rescued she died 2008 aged 14plus, not sure of her age.
This is Tinker she passed away peacefully in her sleep aged 17
To name a few...
Much missed friends x

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


I am being very fussy with my food and mum bothered that I dont seem to be eating enough!!
Shes tried all sorts but I seem to turn my nose up!!!...ooops

Had some today at lunch time but she had to spoon feed me to get me going....gosh i sound like a proper baby!!!
Well least I have eaten today..mum was getting stressed about it.
Lets hope I keep it down.....

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Tuesday tail wagging

Monday was miserable...dull and top if off mum had bad day at work and came home with banging head...I still managed to get my 4 walks..
Tuesday is not much better..miserable out there I think i need to spend my retirement years somewhere warm and sunny...wonder if my twitter pals would oblige...woof woof.
Just thinking back to warmer days...dossing on a sun lounger...