Saturday, 7 May 2011


Well poor little pup Issac went to the vets yesterday. Makes a change it wasnt me going to vets....BOL.

He had been lifting his leg now and again I know what you thinking we all do that to have a wee hee hee but he lifts it after playing on field. Mum thought it was possibly floating knee so off to vets we go...
Issac not in any pain and doesnt yelp he just skips now and again with leg, hes ok walking on lead its when he chases ball on field.

So Alex the vet does some pressing and prodding makes mum run up and down street with Issac to see his legs moving, mum said its not Crufts you know hee hee.
Back inside the vet presses Issacs hips....all hell broke loose this clearly hurts Issac, poor pup.
So painkillers for one week...2 a day one hour before food, and strict rest....thats the hardest part as Issac does love to play....going to be one bad week in our house.
Back to vets on friday 4.50pm for check up, will probably be looking at Xray to see whats the damage and hopefully not but it may The vet did explain that surgery is the last thing they want to do but he may need it so he may get new hips.!!!
Its not the cost thats worrying mum (hes insured) its poor Issac suffering and the long recuperation period for such an active little dog. Mum would like to thank The Twiglets mum for her advice as Twiglet has been through similar prob with knees.
So no more playing with balls for Issac...thats means more for me....hee hee.

Only joking if he cant play then I hang on I cant anyway as it makes me sick.
I will look after him he can cuddle on the settee with me and Bella the cat.
Keep posted for updates...its going to be a bumpy ride.....


  1. My goodness.your lovely boys get more trubbles than is fair.Huggs to all xxx

  2. Poor Issac! I hopes he can gets better, without surgery, right quick!
    Cairn cuddles, my pals...Oz

  3. WOOF! i hope he feels better soon. BIG LICKS!