Friday, 29 April 2011

Twitter Friends

Well as you all know us dogs do like to tweet, so some of our typists decided to meet up and avoid the royal wedding....
I was unable to go as too much for me but I let my young friend Issac go out for the day whilst I relaxed at home.
The dogs involved were Dieseldawwg, Reillycripps and fionasdogs aka Dave.

Diesel is top picture shes a great dog. As you can see Dave was huge he is a giant above Issac but is a big dog with such a lovely temperment....even when Sir Reilly Cripps middle picture was pushing for a fight...hee hee
So we all met up and off we shots next...

It was such a warm sunny day and alot of other dogs enjoying the weather too, maybe they not fans of royal wedding either?...BOL
Diesels mum Helen mentioned a pub nearby....Issac was licking lips
He quickly settled down again as we still had a way to go before the he had a breather with posh border terrier Sir Reilly
We eventually got to the pub and as usual mum had a pint of cider , you can take the girl out of wigan but cant take wigan out of the girl...BOL
And the rest of the dogs having a rest too...

It wouldnt be a blog without extreme close up for cuteness.......Issac
We had such a great day meeting lovely dogs and their owners and hope to do it again...but remember never work with dogs and their owners or with Jimmy taking pics......



  1. mummy say it be such a shame u dyz live soooo far away cuz we cood cum on da walks, dey dyz look ''pawfect'' !!! i duz like da pics and Issac is tooooo cute, BOL xxx Cosmolitious (Cosmo)

  2. Oh what a wonderful day you all had - am envious and wish could have joined you all *tailwags* xx

  3. Iz so jealous that you all got to meet up! Next time, I am swimming across the pond so I can be there!
    Cairn cuddles, Oz

  4. You and your Moms look so pawsome!! All the Moms look so nice and sweet!! Maybe one day they come to US and my Mom can meet them too! Murphy