Friday, 13 May 2011

Issac's Hips

Well we been to vets, mum said Issac no better but after a run round the vet Alex the vet thinks he's moving better.
Alex is flumaxed to how Issac can  stretch his hips showing no pain but doesnt like them to be touched.....we always knew Issac was peculiar...BOL.
Issac really doesnt like his hips being touched. He has another weeks worth of painkillers to take. 
So he is now booked in for appointment with orthapedic vet Chad on friday at 8.30am. He will have an xray and then decide what to do, he may decide to let him grow more and check in 6 weeks or may decide to do surgery to replace the ball joints of his hips.
This all depends on what xray shows , if nothing done when older he may not be able to walk.
Hopefully xray shows all clear and no operation required but deep down we are expecting the worse.
So looks like our holiday in the lakes the week after will have to be postponed, mum does sacrifice alot for us two, we are lucky to have her.
Keep you all posted.


  1. Oh my stars, you guys! What are we gonna do with you both? I guess just keep loving and loving and loving on you. Yep, that will do!

  2. *soft paw* Dear sweet Issac, your Mama loves you heaps! We hoping you won't have to face too much to get your hips OK *hugs* You such a brave, sweet little fella ... Ted's best mate too! We sending you both lots of loves and cuddles xx **hugs** From Keely & Thomas **hugs** xx

  3. Dear Issac,

    Molly, Harley, Angel Max & I Have been praying to The Big Guy above That you don't need surgery. Molly kneels good when she prays & Barks Loudly. So I know our Prayers for You are being heard <3 We are praying with Love.
    Get Better. Run Faster Than Lightening. Your Mum Loves 62 Million, zillion..

    Amen! Gracie,Molly,Harley,Angel Max & The Two Bad Birds Louie & Honey..<3