Saturday, 28 May 2011

Our hols in the Lakes

After all the bad news we have had with being sick mum decided its off to the lake district we go.
So we set off for a mini holiday and well deserved rest for all of us. The weather forecast was rain but that didnt dampen our spirits!!.
This is where we were staying for 4 days....
As you can see ..very wet but it brightened up and this was where we had our daily walks 3 times a day.

I know what you thinking Ted looks agile but believe me after ten mins I was been carried back to the caravan hee hee.

At one point Issac lost his head!!!
Anyway we also visited 2 beaches..which Issac loved

If you wonder where I was on the beach pics, far too cold for me so I stayed in the car and had a good sleep as you can see from Issacs ears and the stormy sea...good decision on my part...brrrrr

So hope you enjoyed what may be my last holiday, if not we going to somerset in September hopefully I still here for that one too......Keep reading friends x


  1. Looks like a smashing holiday and a great beach,pssssst I'd stay in the car too out of that wind,Pasicuddles xxx

  2. Oohh, what a great holibob! You both look like you had a wonderful time. Issac, you are growing up so fast! You are incredibly cute & adorable. Ted, from these pics it looks like you kept up with the young rascal *grins* We don't know your future Ted, but we hope and purray that you will go to Somerset and have another great holibob! We love you guys xx

  3. You had a pawsome time my friend and I fink is a good plan to get Isaac to do the ard werk at the beach. They is very tirin.

  4. I can see that you worked very hard and had a wonderful time. Such beautiful country.

    I love the wind and the beach. I stand still and put my nose in the air. Let the world pass over me.

    Love you guys!