Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Puppy love

Well 2nd feb Issac the puppy will be 7 mth old......
He came to live with us On the 8th dec 2010 so he has been here now exactly 55 days, not that we counting or anything hee hee.
I would like to say its not easy looking after a pup but we been lucky really as he has settled in so well.
Even the cats get on with him, Kip the ginger one has slight reservations and wont sit with him but they seem to get on ok...
Its probably been easier as I  Ted am quite a laid back easy going dog, and if truth be known(but dont tell him) hes given me a new lease of life and a reason to carry on living.
As most of you will know last few months of 2010 werent easy for me..being sick and all that, I did have a sick blip couple of weeks back but ok for now...again!!
I have always lived with dogs so when the last pack member Blackie passed away in sept 2010 (aged 15 and half) I really did miss him. So Issac has got the numbers up again....but if you listening mum..no more Issac is plenty enough.
I have 2 holidays to look forward to this year, one in the Lake District in may and hopefully (paws crossed) Somerset in september.
So who said you cant teach an old dog new tricks? Well Issac shown me how to play again and I teach him how to walk off lead, come back when called etc..
So keep watching my blog, it will have ups and downs..

Heres some pics ....true harmony in a doggie world...

Love Ted and Issac  woof woof


  1. Oh, yoo and Issac are great cuddlers! I wish there was room for me in there. BOL You take your 'new leash on life' and run with it, my pal!
    *Cairn Cuddles* Oz

  2. Thems is great pictures Ted and I do say ow glad we are that Isaac is livin wiv you and joinin in all your fun. Woof