Saturday, 19 February 2011

Truth or Dare

We been set a challenge by our westie friend Annie Bella
Question 1

Teds dad is Chewbacca?
Question 2

Issacs dad is an ewok?

Question 3
Ted met the queen mother?
Question 4?
Issac is really a girl border?
Question 5

Ted is a father?
Answer on a postcard please....woofs


  1. Awww... 4 or 5.... 4 or 5 athough I can see familee resemblance on 1 and 2! Hummm..... i go with .....5! BOL! Love your furiend AnnieB

  2. yeah I has finally met anuvver ewok!!

  3. Issac's Dad May Be an Ewok, Ted's Dad not Chewbacca!! Ted Did Meet The queen MuM!Issac is not a Border GirL Silly! and Ted is Not a Daddy funny lady!