Sunday, 27 February 2011

Rainy Sundays

Hi everyone

Well we got mum for the whole week as she booked week off work for her birthday...she's 40 on 2nd March and Issac will be 8mths old too BOL. So to celebrate we off to wales for 3 days, going in a caravan on the beach front in Towyn, we cant wait....tail wags.
I have had a few more throwing up days, one day I threw up 4 times in less than 5mins....guiness world record me thinks.I have to take it more slowly but I do enjoy playing with pup Issac...hes a breath of fresh air for me.

We got holidays to look forward to Lake District in May and Cornwall in September( I'm pencilled in for this one...hope I last till then)

This rain is going on for ever I dont like getting wet...duh and I not keen on wearing my wax coat either so its a no win situation!!
Well it wouldnt be my blog without pics so heres one of the 3 amigos...Me , Issac and Bella the cat(she's 19 years oldl!!)

Keep following my life...its like a rollercoaster up and down

Bye for now......Ted


  1. Lovely photo of the 3 of you! Remember to give mum extra snuggles on her birthday. Have a great holiday.

  2. Hope Mama had a wonderful birthday ... Issac is growing up so fast *sigh* Eight months already! Love the pic of your three - Bella is a beautiful kitty. And Ted, not only will you be going on the Cornwall trip in September, your Mama will be booking you in on next year's trips too ! *hugs* Keep well, my little buddy xx