Sunday, 6 February 2011

Lazy Sundays

Well I been sick again during the night and the morning and my stools were soft too.
Not eaten anything different so not sure why ?
Anyway I was looking very sorry for myself this morning so mum thought best if I had peace and mum we got a puppy in the house?!!

So she decided to take Issac to the beach.......I didnt mind not going as I did need some rest.
Here are some pics of Issac's adventure....
Ahhh the sand under my feet....


Just check water not too cold...brrrr

My ears are blowing in the wind.......

 Mmmm i can smell rabbits......but can't find any!!!!!

Issac had a fun day at the beach but he did say when he got home he missed me........

Stay tuned for next post
Wof woof


  1. We are sorry to hear you not feeling the best, Ted, and glad you taking it easy until you are better, my buddy. #healingpaw

    Issac, you is so full of beans - love the way you run with your ears flapping, looking like you are having a grrrreat time! xxx

  2. Issac you look like the sort of chap I'd like to run around with!

    Ted, I hope you're feeling better now.