Sunday, 23 January 2011


Well just 23 days into the new year and guess what?... Mum won the lottery...oh yes a huge amount....£3.00 ha ha prob enough to get some dog biscuits ha ha.
No the blog today is for the fact that this morning 23rd January I was sick again. It has been a while coming but knew I would be sick again soon...duh.
It was only bile but still makes me mad....just want to be free of these setbacks but at least I still alive which  a couple of times last year it was a bit of a worry if I would make it to 2011.
So I just pick myself up and enjoy life to the full, I dont get too giddy though as I do then tend to fall over!!!
Issac the puppy has been well appreciated, he looks up to me long as dont mimic me throwing up he'll be just fine.
We sleep together on the settee, keep each other warm and I like the company.....with Bella the cat always sitting with me I was starting to get a bit confused...MOL....see?!!!
This is us sleeping.......
Well lets hope this is just another blip, I feel ok ,bit stiff on legs when walking but mum looks after me so well.
Heres a pic of me looking my usual handsome self...
So like I always say keep watching this space.....Bye for now


  1. Sorry to hear you have been sick again Ted. Hope you are felling better soon :) You are both so handsome on the pics. Arrrrooooooooo!

  2. I hope you feel better soon, Ted. I do hate having icky tummy...especially the bile kind. *Cairn cuddles* to help you get better!
    xxx Oz

  3. Hope Isaac isn't being too much of a pest if you're not feeling too good. Hope you perk up soon. Take it easy!

  4. Hi, I'm coming by way of the Anipal Book Club and Oz the Terrier...and am your new follower! So sorry you are feeling ill. Sure hope you will be on the mend very soon! Congrats to Mom on winning - money for free dog bones is very good! I look forward to chatting!