Sunday, 2 January 2011

2011.....a birthday

Well we now in the new year of hangovers in this house.
Maybe just a headache due to all the squeaky toys that comes with having a puppy in the house?...
Well today is Issac's 6mth old birthday...I said to mum we best not be celebrating it every month?...tail wags.

We both got a sqeaky toy to celebrate...and me even though not my birthday...hee hee
Issac no doubt will run round the house with his where I will just sit with it in my mouth slowly popping it and "kill" the squeak.

Heres to a fun filled year ahead...
Heres the family......Me, Issac and Bella the cat
And not forgetting Kip the cat......she likes to sleep alone.
Happy New Year everyone, keep following my adventures as you never know how long it will last!!!


  1. I'm with you, Ted! I prefer to slowly pop it and kill the squeak - it's the best fun!

  2. Happy 6 months to Issac (and special *cairn cuddles* for you, Ted)!!!
    xxx Oz