Saturday, 8 January 2011

Me and Issac

Well its a new year and everything going ok. Mum overwhelmed how well me and Issac get along. We do everything together. Play, eat and sleep. When I say play, I mainly watch as I really cant over do things!!
Here we are sleeping...

Issac booked in for agility training when older he has to be 12 mths old so hes on waiting list..which means by time hes of the right age he'll be old enough. Keep him busy he's so energetic!!!!

Mum booked our holidays for this year, one week in the lake district and one week in cornwall...we cant wait!! I may not be alive for the cornwall one as its later in the year but paws crossed!!!
Today we venturing to the pub...not too worry mum not an alcoholic!!!! BOL  Shes found a dog friendly one to try Issac with..get him accustomed to alot more people and dogs.....I may have a tipple...hee hee

We cant go out for too long though to the pub as my  cat friend Bella will get jealous....
And it wouldnt be my blog without a picture of the new recruit Issac....
Hes sulking in this as I am sat with Bella hee hee.....
And finally not forgetting the 4th member of my crew Kip the cat...she is camera shy as she was a feral cat mum took in nearly 15 years ago but managed to get pic of her when she wasnt looking..
Well keep you posted on my adventures watch this blog......Woof Woof


  1. Aw, you are all looking really healthy and very cute. Lovely furry family *hugs* Poor Issac does look like he's sulking too, he's so attached to you Ted and doesn't like sharing you with Bella! So sweet.

  2. What a wonderful family. I do luv the way you and Issac cuddle together!
    xxx Oz

  3. 4 Furbabys!! Bella Loves Ted! and Issac Loves Ted! & Kip Loves &%$@ (we don't know)..Wonderful Blog.... Yes Ted will make it to Cornwall!!;)

    Love *Furbabys* Gracie,Molly,Max,Harley

  4. What lovely photos and a lovely family you have. I wish I had other animals at home (other than the humans!!). Wave a paw at me when you pass through Devon on the way to Cornwall for your holiday!