Saturday, 6 November 2010

Saturdays and lie ins

Well I was looking forward to the weekend like most....a lie in!!!
Oh no ..not here!!!
Mum up at 5.00am to watch England rugby league play Papa New Guinea!!
Jeez mum my eyes wont open!!!........
Even my snoring LOUDLY didnt deter her!
Arghhhh no dont turn the lights on!!!
After my eyes adjusted to daylight I settled on the settee to watch this so called "great" game..and guess what?..England won...hoorah
Final score 36 to 10 England win.
So now watching another game..couple of teams called Australia and New Zealand....not sure if they any good.

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  1. Hey dat great !! we luv da sports here 2 HUGS xoxo we likes da Footy, rugby, an USA footbal & horseracin 2 !!