Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Thursday comes and goes

Well when they sent a dog into space did they ever think of the technology we would master?.
Twitter...a new revolution of dog tweeters...there are alot of us out there...
When I first went on twitter and reported I was going to the vets for a dental...a border terrier called Marley welcomed me to twitter...
Then another dog called Gracie was concerned about me after my dental as I did go downhill and gave me some good care and advice...and we been furfriends ever since..
A relative of hers Tom took a shine to me and has become a good friend too...
Bear Bear who is a mini celebrity too became my friend..
And Kye's owner has also taken a shine to little old me..He is showing off in his new coat!!
I love twitter its good to talk with other dog people and help out with problems etc..

Thers is a funny side too...
And some dogs find love this is Toms fiance Keely


  1. Hi Ted, its Fridaaaaaaay!!! Any plans for the weekend?!

  2. That is so nice Ted. I love being your friend. And remember, my bro Fuzz is your friend too, as is my new sister Rosy. Bear Hugs, FuzzHugs, Rosy kisses!
    U think I am a mini-celebrity? Cool!

  3. Wow, I'm on yer blog. Ow cool. We is always appy to find new chums to tweet wiv and we likin blogs too. Woof. Appy to be your pal.