Monday, 17 June 2013

Time to say Goodbye

Hello Twitter pals
If you are reading this I have made the journey OTRB.
Don't be sad I have had a great life and made some great friends along the way.
My Mum, Issac and Bobo cat will be sad for a while (maybe not Bobo) but mums a tough old bird and I helped to raise Issac into a good boy.
I was lucky to make it to 15 and a half after suffering a stroke aged 13.
Each day I got better but then old age caught up with me.....
My walks decreased from miles to 0.18 miles to virtually non existant.
My heart wanted to play but my legs wouldnt, my breathing was becoming difficut too.
Issac was so patient with me and knew to let me rest up.

I have had a great weekend in the dub , had a run in the park too.
Its always a heart breaking decision to make but my breathing was fading.
Mum made the right one....I want to go I was ready.

I can now run free with my old dog family Charlie, Blackie and my son Kato. Not forgetting all the cats I lived with, I can cuddle with Bella Cat again.

I have one thing to say and thats enjoy life
I dont want you to be upset but try and remember me for the dog I always will be..

Old Ted "Legend"


  1. Arrrooooooh! Wel sed Ted! Yoo iz lejend - nd now yoo can wun wiv yooz old famli pals on doze luvli long legs agen. If yoo bump into owr sisfurs Katy Remy nd Bess, pleez say elos fur uz! Wun fwee deer pal! Luv nd hugs to yoo mom, Issac nd Bobo (nd Jim)!

  2. It do be wiv sad, leaky eyes that I haz welcome you OTRB my dear old was a true terrier and I haz no bigger compplymint dan dat to bee-stow....we shall haz some runnin now and some snacks and some nappin and we ave a laff at da pups below....ello for you, it do be too soon to be sayin dat again...*puts paws around brofur terrier*

  3. Can't type for tears streaming down my face xx Run free Ted & it feels better that you are OTRB with Marley your old pal & Charlie, Blackie & Kato. Bella will be pleased to cuddle with you again. Gyp's thoughts are with your Mum & Issac who will be feeling lost without you. xxx Pam, Darren & Gyp xxx

  4. You'll always be a legend Ted-a furiend as pawsome as you will live forever in the hearts of all who love you! #ComfortingPurrs to your Mum, Issac & even Bobo (who WILL miss u!) May you play like a puppy once again Ted- surrounded by beloved furiends who crossed before you. ((HUGS))

  5. Ted, we gonna miss you dreadfully ... you will always be a special pal. I shall be looking forward to seeing you again at the Bridge, young and fit and healthy again. We shall BOING like we've never BOINGED before. Ted, thank you for your wonderful friendship, we will never forget it or you. Our thoughts are with your fambly now too, and the heartbreak they will be feeling. Love you Ted, run free buddy xoxxox

  6. Run Free Ted and say hi to Lottie from us. Love & hugs to your mum, dad, Issac & Bobo xxx

  7. Oh Ted pal, you did makes me and mummy cry but I promise we won't be leaky for long. You is such a kind and lovely pal, I will miss you lots but I hopes you will be happier now.

    Keep an eye on us from above and give us a nudge if we go a bit wonky!

    Loves you lots pal *manly hugs and a double paw punch*

    xxx #TedTheLegend

  8. I will miss you brofur!! I know you raised Isaac well and while you may not think Bobo was all that interested I think Bobo knew to respect the legend!!

    You will always be my brofur from across the pond and so will Isaac.

    I know you are in the right place for you but please remember to look in on Mom every once in a while as I'm sure she's going to miss you tons.

    Run free, be happy and know we'll always love you!

    Murphy and Fez

  9. Oh Ted.... It is so hard to say goodbye to one of our BTs. Mom did make the right decision to let you go but it wasn't an easy one. You are a very loved pup and will be missed greatly. Run free little pal. Marley will show you the rainbow bridge ropes. Xoxo I loved meeting you in person.

  10. Godspeed mate, till we meet and play together, we remain your furiends,

    RA, Isis & Nanük

  11. Oh Ted *leaky eyes* I try not to cry but mom is and yoo know how 'catchy' crying yawning. Many hugs to your fambley who are so brave. I know yoo are laffing and running happy circles now over da bridge..just watch out fer my sis Tillie..yoo run into her she scratch yoo! Love yoo dear furiend... *SMOOCH*

  12. I know U no want us 2 cwy, Ted, but I can't help it...U were 1 of my firstest furiends on Twitter, and I'm vewy sad. We know dat U raised Isaac 2 B a good boy, so at least da BT's R still representin' in ur household! Run fwee, Ted, run fwee ♥

  13. Oh Ted...we will all miss you so much. But I know you will be waiting to welcome us all when it is our time to go OTRB. Run free, my pal.
    Until we meet again,

  14. Oh no!!! Ted you ARE a legend and always will be! You never let anyone or anything keep you down! You helped raise issac to be such a good boy and hell be able to take care of your mom now. Well all miss you so much! We can't promise not to be sad thou because we love you! Run free!

  15. So sorry to hear about Ted. I loved Ted, a very early twitter friend. I will miss him. BearHUGs to Isaac and family,

  16. Hey, I can't seem to find your email. I had a quick question about your blog! Can you email me?


  17. We thought about woo today mate, wishing wooos peeps peace an love,

    Nuk & Family