Sunday, 6 May 2012

Bank holiday Sunday at the beach

After Issac's trip to Stafford yesterday mum decided to take me to the beach...
I say me but Issac tagged along too

Had to go on lead as I did go and chase a spaniel puppy....oops.

So mum decided to let us go mooching in the sand dunes lead of course hee hee

Then we had a mooch round the rabbit holes...I nearly went down one but mum grabbed me BOL

Hope you enjoyed our pics. We home and napping now......


  1. Ted, Isaac, wish I was there !! a frolicking and a happy hunting about for Rabbit, treasures and a general good sea surfing sniff about the sands there with you chaps! Looks good fun, which is what life should be about, more fun less fear - let the revolution begin !!! love Bordoggy Barnie x

  2. Looks amazin my pal. You is so lucky to ave such a nice beach to visit. Good to see you avin a fun-filled day. Woof

  3. It looks lovely there. I haven't been to the beach in awhile. Too cold!

  4. My name is Stewey, and I just found your blog! That beach looks lovely! Stop by my blog sometime!

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