Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Remembering Ted

Hi pals
Its me Issac, tommorow 27th November my best pal Ted would have been 16.
Mum has'nt been able to come on here after he went OTRB but she now doing blog again in his memory based on my life without him. We miss him everyday.
In case any of you forgot him here's Ted
Quite funny pic as Ted hated the snow!!
I have a new pal in the shape of monster cat Bobo...hes huge!!!!!, it will be his first christmas with me and mum...
She also got me a playmate to make sure I not lonely...hmmmm I,m not sure??
Hope you keep reading Ted,s  blog to see what adventures I been up to and if that not enough to see what mum been knitting!!!

Thanks for reading.....


  1. Hi Isaac! So happy to see you and mum back at the blog! I will surely come back and visit to see all that you are up to!

  2. Iz good to ave yoo doin the blog and continyooin Ted's werk my pal….I haz similar range mint wiv Clappers….

  3. We came to paw love an respect, happy birthday at the bridge 2015,

    Nuk & Family

  4. We hope woo have a great birthday at the bridge, 2016. Love an woooos,