Saturday, 5 May 2012

Issacs tweet up

Issac went to Cannock Chase, Stafford to meet up with some twitter pals
There was Diesel the Australian Cattle Dog
                 Jess and Bonkers the Border Collies
                 Poppy the Minatuure Schnauzer
                 Buzz the Giant Schnauzer

We all got on well and played with tennis balls supplied by Jess' mum.

Heres a few photos of  the day we had .....


  1. Awwww! How amazing to see you all running around enjoying each other's compawny. Dat's a proper Tweetup. Makes me so emoshunal about how we all develop such strong furiendships wiv da help of Twitter! Westie Big Smile

  2. Wow, wot an amzin day you ave had my pals. Was that Jess hogging the balls? And ow come Poppy be so camera shy? BOL

  3. OMD what a brilliant day you all must've had, hoomans and doggies. Is that Jesspals in there too ? BOL BOL and tennis balls ? BOL BOL Great stuff, Teddy & Issac!!