Sunday, 5 February 2012


Well we been warned all week about the weather....snow to cover most of Britain. I not keen on snow prob due to my old age, and stiff legs but anyway we got a light scattering.
Heres a few pics of our walk this morning....

 At least the grass still ok to mooch round on....
Heres few pics of me and Issac.....

Hope you all enjoy the snow but keep warm and safe pals......


  1. aW dAt lOoKs fUn! wE dUS lUv dA sNoW! yAy!

  2. You almost blendin in there Ted!!

  3. Brrrrrrrrrrr, get inside and in front of the fire. Quick

  4. herlo ted and isaac, u guyz look lyke youz iz fun! Iz nu to bloggerin n thot iz wud just say herlo! herlo! xx

  5. GruffHello there Ted! I have come a wandering and a paw plodding along here over from Twitter to your lovely blogging home here - I do so love your pictures, much better than Mummy2Legs over emotional (again!) hearts she has put on my little blue blog home! Great to see you here, looking forward to coming to see you again soon - Barnie x