Friday, 15 April 2011

Yoda Clark

We have made loads of friends on twitter all over the world but we instantly took a shine to Yoda not only as he was a lovely looking dog but also as we found a dog older then me!!
Heres Yoda...
On Thursday 14th April 2011 Yoda lost his long battle with illness he was 15 years old.

A great age which we all hope to get to in our lives, (we have tear in our eyes as we type this) .
As an older dog myself and have alot of poorly days it makes you realise how lucky we all are with each day that goes by.We miss Yoda so much.

We send our condolescenes to Stephen and Victoria who rescued Yoda and gave him the best years of his life, always remember that.

We were going to meet Yoda next saturday but instead we going to meet up with his mum and dad and hopefully seeing us will put a bit of light in their broken hearts.

In memory of Yoda, one of the nicest dogs we ever got to tweet
Rest in peace buddy we will meet up in heaven x x


  1. I miss Yoda. He was a good Twitter friend to me, especially while my knee has been poorly.

  2. We loved Yoda too, he was one of the sweetest dearest gentlest doggies we met on Twitter & we will miss him xxx

  3. We can't think of Yoda yet without getting teary but hope in the days and weeks to come that the joy he gave us with his friendship will overcome our grief at his loss and we will smile in remembrance instead. We will always love you, Yoda. From your furriend Thomas xxx

  4. To Yoda.. May You have your Wings quickly in Heaven & be on Cloud 86. I will watch out for you as other peeps like @mulder_cat have helped me in Heaven.<3 Life is Good On The clouds. Your Mom & Dad need to know your safe & watching over Them. You are Now Their Yoda The Angel <3 You also get a Cell phone IBone in Heaven. You can call home or just look down thru the clouds & peek at every one whenever you like.

    Angel Angent Max Cloud 86 (OTRB)

  5. I miss that dog. I usually call him Master. We've been Twitter friends for a short period but I find him very nice. It might sound funny but even though I know it's not Master who's been chatting with me (but his mom), I seem to imagine that I was actually communicating to a sweet dog. To you Master, may you rest in peace. You're in heaven now, the pain is gone now...

  6. God has a new friend in Heaven with Yoda - Yoda will be anxiously waiting for his friends to join in the new splendor he has found. My thoughts and prayers are with those Yoda had to leave for his new home.

  7. I look up to Ted & Yoda as if they were older uncles - ones Mom has a bit of crush on...giggles.

    With their guidance (and a little help from their Moms) I am learning patience, how to mentor, working hard, resilience and grace.

    I aspire to their greatness and gift of friendship.



  8. Wot a lovely blog Ted. Yoda was a pal to us too. We send some luv to his pawsons wiv you on your trip

  9. Ted, this is a lovely tribute post to Yoda. Please let Yoda's family know that he'll stay in our thoughts and in our hearts.
    May he find peace ORTB.

  10. Mez just found out Yoda went OTRB. Himz was a good friend & mez will miss him much.~Hugs mez friend~ Sydney