Thursday, 28 October 2010

Thursdays are neither here nor there!!

Had my usual milk for brekkie...then had walk so i would poo!!...I did too ha ha.
Mum went to work so I played a bit with Bella and Kip the cats..(when i said played with I meant chased) but dont tell mum...grrrrr
Mum home for lunch gave me a bit of cheese on toast..I do struggle with toast after having 6 teeth out few weeks ago!!! but it was yummy.
And I went for another walk..
Mum home for the day now ..17.00 hours so had a stroke and cuddle then I bounced over to my food bowl, falling once in the process!!
Had stewed steak AGAIN!!!! bored of it now(whispering), but I have spied chicken in the fridge which will be mine as mum dont eat meat... so I hope its either snack time later or just wait til tommorow?
Time for a nap before my last walk of the day later on ,,,


  1. Keep an eye on that chicken in the fridge to be sure it gets cooked especially for you!

  2. So.....there might be some spare steak.....?

  3. I'd give anything for a bit of toast.