Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Canine vestibular syndrome

On 18th October I had a funny turn, I was sick and then fell off the settee....ouch!!
The vets diagnosis was Canine Vestibular Syndrome....which means I feel sea sick and fall over.
I prob will never fully recover but I should be better in a few weeks.

I had a relaspe recently where i was sick but slowly i'm getting better.
One of the most noticeable changes in me is quite embarrassing really.....blushes.
I wont poo in the garden!!! I have to go out on lead and then I will do my stuff!!
Upside is I get 4 or 5 walks a day now!!

My mum is very patient with me and has even placed rugs all over the house so I dont slip when giddy and fall over.... hoorah.
Yawn...time for a nap now..Zzzzzzzz


  1. Hi Ted, I'm lovin' your blog! Enjoy your nap x

  2. I think you'd look nice with blushing cheeks. I hope your CVS goes away for good.