Sunday, 27 November 2011

My 14th Birthday

Today is 27th November 2011.....more precisely my 14th birthday.
Its been a funny year since my last birthday after having stroke in october 2010 and 2 mini ones to follow, mum thought I wouldnt reach 14 but heres to show them .....Border Terriers are a tough breed.

Heres are my  friends Skywalker and Yane
They sent me gifts and birthday card.

I say me.. Issac tried snaffling them....BOL
I love my toys and treats....
So to celebrate my day we jumped in the car and went to my favourite field....heres some pics....

Keep reading my blog. Its a treat that I am still here to share it x


  1. A very appy burfdee my old pal. You haz more life in you thasn I do and I do only be 5!!

  2. When i grow up i 'ope to be as strong and handsome as you ted !