Monday, 4 July 2011

Issac, Skywalker and Dieseldawwg

So Issac gets another post on "my" blog pfffttt.
He had a proper birthday weekend and on Sunday went to Formby Beach for tweet up with Helen and Dieseldawwg and Stephen and Victoria and Skywalker.
It was a lovely day, so I,m told...I didnt go as too much for little old me but heres some pics of their adventures on a glorious sunny day "up north"

So as you can see, alot of fun had by all x


  1. Wowo, wot a burfdee Isaac. Looks like you had a great time and I kno #flatmarley did too!!

  2. OMD *stamping paw* It not fair that I live so far away and can't come play with you at the beach !! What a grrreat time you all had ... and what a beautiful beach - lots of sand to dig holes in, super water to splash in and prolly lotsa seagulls to chase ! Aaaaarooooooooo!!

  3. Beautiful pictures. You guys had so much fun! I love running on the beach. (whispers behind paw to Ted - "don't tell Mom, but I love the beach almost more than cheese. Yep")

    Congratulations Issac and awesome frog legs, Ted!

    Big Hugs